By the Betels…

Photo courtesy of Gilberto Rubinstein.

In San Francisco State…

Photo courtesy of Tomas Rush.

Reversed English on Chinese bus

The Chinese is read from right to left, so they figured that they should do the same in English… Reads:  ”Shaanxi Tourism Corporation Group” Photo courtesy of Mariotti Raffaele. Spotted in China.

It’s in the air…

Photo courtesy of Neculae Eduard. Origin unknown.  

Just a cozy little place…

Photo courtesy of Sam Yudin. Spotted in South Korea. 

Will you be with, tonight, sir?

Hotel and annex found in Japan. Photo courtesy of Oblongkow.


Filed under “Almost Engrish” Photo courtesy of Gopal N. Homo of course stands for homogenized. 

The last fort left

Filed under “almost Engrish”. Photo courtesy of Travis Ruetenik. Shirt spotted in Japan on a kindergartener. 

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