Filed under “Almost Engrish” Photo courtesy of Gopal N. Homo of course stands for homogenized. 

The last fort left

Filed under “almost Engrish”. Photo courtesy of Travis Ruetenik. Shirt spotted in Japan on a kindergartener. 

Where we’re going we don’t need spoons…

…by way of diabetes. Photo courtesy of Alec Amram. Ice cream vending machine found in Japan. 

Pee, you already had your turn

Dark, like Taster’s Choice Photo courtesy of Oliver Oberlach.

A message from the honest taxi company

Photo courtesy of Brian Rockell. 

Unfortunate store name

Found in Chang Mai, Thailand.

Europeans make misteaks too…

Photo courtesy of Adnan Dervisevic. Per Adnan: “Hushållssopor means kitchen waste in Sweden and I stumbled upon this gem at the Skövde campus in Sweden”

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