A message from the honest taxi company

posted on 28 Feb 2014 in Almost Engrish, Fun Pics

Photo courtesy of Brian Rockell. 

  • DrLex

    Service fees:
    50 Baht to not be called names
    100 Baht to not be given stink eye
    150 Baht for smile
    200 Baht for compliment.

    • Greenbird

      I’m not going to ask what I’d get for 250…Baht it’s probably something nice…
      Ha. Ha. *YAWN*
      Man! I’d give a million Bahts to have this long, tedious day over with!

  • Greenbird

    They don’t have to be polite to be good taxi drivers. As long as they can get me where I need to go, on time, we’ll get along just fine.

  • Ageless93

    “Please check your property before the car”.
    Remember: even a wreck can haul your luggage away.

  • jjhitt

    Caution: Mr. Wichan bites.

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