Display Seen at New China Mall

posted on 20 Nov 2013 in Almost Engrish, Fun Pics

  • DrLex

    Good that there’s also a sharpening steel in the assortment. After cutting through a few fellow students, even that German steel is bound to become dull.

  • Chris

    For the class cut-up.

  • http://stupidcameratrix.com/ Gareth Bogdanoff

    For culinary school.

  • Ageless93

    The right tool for sharpening your pencils.

  • 4d3fect

    Back to school tools for Hannibal Lecter, maybe.

  • Jeff Eby

    That is actually genuinely disturbing. The US has school gun shootings, China has school knife attacks. A LOT of them.

    • Muhammad

      This is a Canadian store. I don’t know how it could be seen in China…

  • John Russell

    Because guns aren’t allowed at Columbine any more.

  • BOSS

    This is from Canada. The design scheme and the text doesn’t look like it can be replicated…

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