Samsung Customer Service

posted on 22 Jul 2013 in Engrish Pics from Web

In response to complaint about a washing machine:

(found via Reddit)

  • DrLex

    Samsung customer support, where having a functional short-term memory is not a requirement.

  • Ageless93

    It’s their newest fridge, with washing machine, TV, microwave, tablet, smartphone, radio, printer, dryer and air conditioning in one!

  • Barbara White

    LOL… “I am sorry to hear that you have had [trouble] with this washing machine….Hopefully, you do not have any more trouble with this television…If you require additional assistance with the MICROWAVE, please let me know. (Because, I was OH-SO helpful with your washing machine, and also the television that you didn’t ask us about.”

    I smell a pre-written apology that someone forgot to put in the right terms for, anyone else? XD

  • name

    And the only samsung product i have and i want to complain is my samsung galaxy s4.

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