Bathroom Sign in China

posted on 1 Mar 2013 in Fun Pics

Oftentimes in Asian countries there will be signs showing the natives how to use western toilets (most traditional toilets in Asia involve squatting on the floor). This is an interesting variation to say the least!

Photo courtesy of Amy Davis. Spotted in Guangzhou, China.

  • Nonesuch Ned

    Is this some sort of Chinese YMCA thing?

  • Mr. Wrong

    Dump no evil, smell no evil, touch no crabs.

  • Mr. Wrong

    Reading room only.

  • Mr. Wrong

    Tryouts for the national gymnastic squad this way. Please excuse the limited facilities.

  • Vickie

    Absolutely no performing gymnastics on the toilet…

  • Algernon

    Champions in the 50cm crawl

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