Sign showing banned hairstyles in China school

posted on 13 Dec 2012 in Fun Pics


  • Ageless

    So you’re not allowed to have hair, but aren’t allowed to be bald either.

  • DrLex

    Seems like a Mr. T haircut is perfectly acceptable.

  • coffeebot

    also banned: Anime eye

  • iLock

    You’re not allowed to have a shiny bald head, if you have
    no face.

  • Seventy2rd o clock

    Hmmm… ‘Sadako’ is also banned. Maybe she’s too Emo?

  • critique_man

    Because school is a place to learn, not to chit-chat? By the way, these kind of hairstyle are provocative, and just say “I’m a loser, bully me, please”.

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