Water Fountain Clock at Osaka Station

posted on 17 May 2012 in Fun Video

I think I would miss the train checking out the time here:

  • Ageless

    What train?

    There’s a 4 minutes I don’t mind having lost!

  • coffeebot

    who the heck did not give this a 5 I’d like to know

  • Nonsuch Ned

    What time is it? Well, after watching that clock for awhile, it’s time to pee.

  • Big Fat Cat

    Wasn’t there when I visited Osaka JR two years ago. There was extensive renovation there outside Daimaru. very impressive indeed.

  • Ralph

    On 4/16/12, Steve said “Just a quick note that I will get back to brogging here. It may not be every weekday as before, but I promise not to take 4 month breaks any more.”

    Please to hurry Steve, approaches the 4th month soon!


  • Skeptic

    Did you know that the competitor to this site at the Cheezburger network has been closed down?

    Many fans will be coming back here, I’m sure.

    So keep brogging!

  • Nonsuch Ned

    I guess the brog has been abandoned for Facebook… can’t you just repost the stuff you post there here as well?

  • Umbrion

    Well, now that we have spent extensive time and money solving the age old issue of wanting to look at water fountains but not knowing the time while doing so, we can move on to the next serious world issue, wanting to go up stairs without actually walking up stairs… wait….

  • engrishwebmaster

    Good idea Nonsuch Ned. I just got caught up in things. I’ll do my best to post more content here.

  • Kyllein MacKellerann

    At first I thought it was a projection on a water spray screen. Then I realized the light was constant and it was the water itself making the images. Wow!

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