Reverse Engrish – Hemorrhoids

posted on 16 Apr 2012 in Reverse Engrish

This boy likely has no idea what his hoodie says – because the big white character says “hemorrhoids” in Japanese*:

(*Chinese usually is two characters: “痔核”).

  • Hirayuki

    Kid looks like a total pain in the ass.

  • Marc

    Am I an evil person because I hope somewhere, someone has this tattooed on their butts?

  • Ralph

    Yeah! New brog entry arriving! Now I happiness!

  • Sparky

    Maybe he should get the chains out of his ass!

  • DanT

    I believe he was the lead actor in “Love in the butt”

  • Tom Pounds

    This guy and the “Diarrhoea” girl: a match made in heaven.

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