Save 10 to 20% at the Store this Holiday!

posted on 1 Dec 2011 in The Store/New Products

As a special thanks we have coupons good for 10% off any order you place this holiday season:


If you have lots of shopping to do, you can use this next coupon for 15% off any order totaling over $50.00:


In for some mega-Engrish shopping? Try this one for 20% off any order totaling over $75.00!


Type in any of the above coupon codes as applicable during checkout.

The last two coupons will only work with purchases totaling over $50 or $75, but the first coupon above will work with any order. All 3 coupons are good until the end of this year.

We also have a new book on sale: “Signspotting 4″. The book is on sale for 15% off the cover price (no coupon necessary), and you can buy our books in three different bundled sets to save even more. Complete the correction – have a purchase!

Other New Products!

2012 build-your-own calendar – a choice is made!

2012 poster calendar – contains close to 60 Engrish all-stars!

Greeting cards – Someone set up us the greeting!

Posters – 5 new poster designs – each only $9.95!

Limited Reissue Shirts – 4 classic designs brought back.

Let’s shopping vehemently at the Store!

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