The Dangling Conversation of Engrish

posted on 21 Nov 2011 in Almost Engrish, Engrish Origins

At first glance this appears to be fairly standard Engrish found on a body sponge often seen in cheap business hotels and “love hotels” in Japan. Upon closer inspection though, the ‘Engrish’ was taken from the lyrics of a Simon and Garfunkel song entitled “The Dangling Conversation” (one of my personal favorites from them). They still couldn’t help but misspell it though…

Photo courtesy of HP Chua. Found in an Osaka hotel room. Japanese says: “Add water and the sponge will grow in size”. 

On another note, one reason that there has been a lack of Brog posts recently is because of spam issues I have been having with comments. Everyone’s legitimate comments were going straight in the spam folder and I couldn’t retrive them. This has *hopefully* been fixed. Please comment again!

  • Jay

    And we make our coffees sit down,
    us who are drunk being indifferent,
    lie, in the seashore like the shellfish
    conversation and the surface sigh
    which it can inquire about that the ocean roars dangle,
    border of our lives.

  • dangevin

    Spam, egg, sausage and spam?

  • DrLex

    This is not just any sponge. It is _The_ Sponge.

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