Another Red Cross Donation Occurs!

I have just donated another $1,500 directly to the Japan Red Cross today, based on profits generated from the sale of our Japan Relief Shirt at the store between March 15th and April 6th.

It took over a day to calculate, but I was finally able to figure out the profits:  between March 15th and April 6th sold 569 shirts for a total profit of $5,496.75*. This averages out to close to $10 per shirt sold (in reality, most orders were well in excess of $10 profit per shirt, but I got hit on the international shipping for orders outside the US which brought the total average down).

$10 is quite a bit higher than my normal profit margin for shirts – I have to thank my supplier for providing a substantial discount on the screen-printing and all of you for buying so many shirts (the price per shirt comes down considerably the more I print at once!).

I donated an advance of $4,000 a couple of weeks ago, so I paid off the difference of $1,500 today:

The above donation is based on an exchange rate of ¥83.8 / $1.

Also, as promised I had my fulfillment company Amplifier verify the profits for this shirt. The following is a letter from the Controller at Amplifier (click on image to enlarge if necessary):

I will continue to make payments to the Japan Red Cross as orders come in. Sales have tapered off quite a bit, but Japan still needs our help.

Thank you for you!

Steve – Owner/Webmaster

* Profits were calculated by subtracting cost of producing the shirt, shipping/handling and administrative costs such as credit card/Paypal fees from the sales generated from the shirt.

  • coffeebot

    This is such little the point, but can’t they the change a name to “Amprifier”?

  • Silly Uncle Willy

    Buy more shirt!

  • Patricia Yarrow

    Getting a lot of nice comments from wearing this in Tokyo and at my universities.

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