Aimbot! Chinese man shows us how to shoot hoops

posted on 11 Apr 2011 in Fun Video

I always wondered who got the high score at my local Chuck-E-Cheese…

Appears to have taken place in either Taiwan or Hong Kong (Traditional Chinese characters in the lower left).

  • lollerskates

    Who’s the thieving bastard now, Ticket exchangers?

  • DrLex

    Zomg, hax! Votekick!

  • kyrasantae

    I think I hear someone speaking Cantonese at 0:10, so it might be from HK

  • Steve

    Betcha’ he still cant dunk….

  • methinks

    not possible without rigging game for time. can’t shoot 250 balls [for score of 500+] in 60 seconds…

  • Brad

    For your prize, you can choose between the barbie pocket mirror or the bon-jovi tooth pick.

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