Caution: Umm… beware of….?

posted on 4 Apr 2011 in Uncategorized

Can anyone tell me what this sign signifies? Watch your kids?  Beware of men with hats and little girls?

Photo courtesy of Claude Rollande. Street sign found in Japan.

  • mugqbo

    Sign colors.
    Blue: informational.
    Yellow: caution or attention.
    Red: prohibited.

    No caution or bewaring is indicated by (the colour of) this sign; it indicates an area where small children can hook up with hat-wearing old men for purposes of ice cream, scintillating conversation, and long walks on the beach right before naptime.

  • Joey

    It’s the sign for “pedestrian only”. It is a mandatory sign, not a warning sign (

  • Ageless

    It shows to (car) drivers that they’re entering a footpath, or domain for pedestrians only. Normally shows a woman figure holding the hand of the child, yet even we here in The Netherlands have had a gentleman holding the hand of the child, as the sign was made way before all the abuse cases.

  • xila31

    It means “please hold hands while crossing.” Maybe.

  • jjhitt

    Doughboys with Children

  • WW

    Man with saturn-ring in orbit around head walking small child with cut-off bunny ears…?

  • Bob*

    amish zone?

  • Glifford

    Guess it requires: Adults please hold hands of the children under your custody and don’t let them run around!

  • baleful interloper

    Definitely a doughboy. Dangling a ghost girl from his left hand.

  • skeptic

    Joey is right. @mugqbo – I think the standard you quote is from the USA. By the shape of this sign, it follows the European standards, or probably Asian standards that are similar to the European ones.

    Round blue: mandatory positive sign. It normally means that whatever is silhouetted in the sign is allowed to pass (and nobody else is).

    Round with red rim: mandatory negative sign. It usually prohibits passage, limits speed etc.

    Square blue: informative.

    Triangle with red rim: caution.

    And the most important signs (Stop, yield) have special shapes (Octagon, inverted triangle).

  • Ani

    That’s not a hat, it’s a halo. The blue is for the sky.
    It’s an angel escorting a litle girl into heaven.

    …at least, that’s the only logical symbolism I can think of…

  • lollerskates

    That means either Amish are allowed or doughboys are allowed to have children… or something.

  • LK

    Obviously, it means that men wearing hats should be wary of small girls trying to lead them away.

  • coffeebot

    Magritte meets Seuss Zone

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