To wear or not to wear

posted on 29 Mar 2011 in Almost Engrish

I get the feeling that they don’t know their target market very well…

Photo courtesy of Robert Stein. Found in Hachioji Tokyo.

  • sarah

    With our clothing range, Gok Wan will find it easy to show you how to look good naked!

  • sarah

    Gives a whole new meaning to “window dressing”!

  • lollerskates

    Clothing? My home is my clothing!

  • xila31

    There’s very few nudists in these outfits….

  • Ani

    So that’s where they sell the clothes they give up.
    I always wondered about that.

  • lucy

    very sext clothes, it would suit the sexy lady like myself

  • jasweer

    Fantastic range of clothes

  • coffeebot

    Oh, yes… I have it on good authority the Emperor got his new clothes here

  • iLock

    WearHouse, actually quite clever!
    And the Nudist part could be Japanese irony.

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