Let’s learn about Lifan Culture

posted on 22 Mar 2011 in Engrish Links

The Lifan Group makes cars and motorcycles, but most importantly they operate legitimately. Let’s learn more about Lifan culture:

Click on image to go to the Lifan site.

  • http://aspiesincerity.blogspot.com AspieSincerity

    Oh wow…
    They even ryhmed…

  • xila31

    Seeking hard working yet small minded and depressed individuals to build motorcycles out of scrap iron.

  • Ageless

    Honda and Yamaha run around, what should Lifan people do? – Jump off a cliff of course.

  • coffeebot

    beware Lifan’s deadly enemy

  • Torasan

    It’s baffling how someone obviously took an English poem of some sort and rendered it unintelligible. Or maybe was experimenting with the kind of western poetry where the end part of the last word is the same. In my experience, Japanese speakers have very little concept of rhyme.

  • DrLex

    We build pieces of junk and we’re proud of it!

  • Smegma

    I’m guessing that the translator for this website is not LIFAN people…
    If LIFAN motorcycles are like scrap iron and pure gold fears no fire, does that mean LIFAN motorcycles fears fire? Wouldn’t that be disappointing? If so, then LIFAN should self-destruct..

  • Chris

    We’re legitimate businessmen. Youse got a problem wid dat?

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