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posted on 16 Mar 2011 in The Store/New Products

Hi, this is Steve, the owner/webmaster of Engrish.com. I lived in Japan for 10 years and I am heartbroken at all that has transpired. Japan needs our help. I wanted to do more than just donate to the Red Cross on my own, so I created this shirt to support the rescue and recovery process.

ALL of the profits from this shirt will go to Red Cross Japan*.

The Japanese on the shirt says: “Don’t give up Japan! We’re in this together!” (“Gambare Nihon! Issho ni norikoeyo!”). All shirts are screen-printed on a Silver (light gray) shirt. These shirts run a bit large, so if you like a tighter fit I recommend ordering a size down.

If you would like to make a donation directly to the Japanese Red Cross Society, I recommend doing so on this page from Google.

This is a “presale” – shirts will ship out by March 30th.

* Profits will be independently verified by the fulfillment company “Amplifier”, and Engrish.com will post payment receipts from the Japanese Red Cross Society here at the brog.

Let’s shopping!

  • coffeebot


  • bernard

    Japan Lerief?

  • skeptic

    I wish you’d offer shipping to Israel. Until now, I didn’t mind much. There were shirts I wanted to buy, but if you don’t want to ship to my country, I can live without them, and it’s your loss. But this shirt is both nice and meaningful, and I wish I could wear it next time I meet with my Japanese friends.

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