Could be a Baby Ruth bar…?

posted on 15 Dec 2010 in Almost Engrish, Fun Products

I dunno, even though this was found in China it looks legit. Still, I just can’t help but think of actual poo floating…

Photo courtesy of Nick Powell. Found in a Beijing toy store.

  • xila31

    Babies love to take a bath with Pooh.

  • Espy

    I think it’s just an unfortunate consequence of having the main character of your franchise named Pooh.

    Another example:

  • Figure.10

    The squirting feature is a nice touch.

  • kitsune

    Okay kids, it’s time to play with your Pooh.

  • Dawn

    Pooh squirt water? You might want to give the kid some Immodium before putting him in the bath.

  • Chirpe

    Daddy, I left my little Pooh in the bath. Can you go get it for me?

  • Silly Uncle Willy

    Pooh squirt water when you’ve had some bad sushi.

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