Ceramic Knife Infomercial

posted on 30 Nov 2010 in Engrish Video

I guess we wont be outsourcing our English voiceovers to China any time soon…

  • http://aspiesincerity.blogspot.com AspieSincerity

    That was beautiful, thank the for our happiness!

  • jjhitt

    Text to speech with a British-Swedish-New York-Hong Kong accent. The diction is wacked out and samples were probably collected from multiple actors, but the English sounds OK to me.

    Knives look pretty cool too.

  • Bear or bust

    Bizarre, voice synthesis veers uncomfortably into Dick Van Dyke territory at times but perfectly understandable.

  • S Minnow

    Hatsune Miku he ain’t (look “her” up) but I’m thinking it might be a Vocaloid program, I know they’ve been working on trying to get it to work better in English… not quite there. :)

  • http://www.nintendoage.com dangevin

    Bearry Mares heel…for their Ceramic Knife!

  • Ageless

    Potatoes? Tomatoes you mean!

  • Ageless

    Their techno-babble is complete gibberish. I like that they work in the spirit of the spirit!! :)

    “King double ,is located in the famous “township of Cutlery” Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province, traffic is very convenient. We have advanced production equipment and sophisticated production of ceramic knives have a decade of experienced technical personnel, in the spirit of “quality first, continuous innovation” the spirit of focusing on the manufacture and operation of a variety of new fashion styles. Products export to Europe, the company At present, 2.5 million with an annual production capacity of ceramic knives. is China’s biggest and most cost-effective ceramic tool manufacturer.”

  • jjhitt

    Enjoy the gourmet taste of that.

  • coffeebot

    my eyes have been stimulated

  • Samuel

    wow, I heard a little engrish in there “The fruit won’t be black forever”? but man who would have ever thought they would give text-to-speech “That announcer voice”

  • DrLex

    Some things I heard: “You can get haemorrhage”, “multi-f**ktional and anon magenatic.”
    And he’s also showing off his wood.

  • HurrDurr

    Look, De Peeses are so thang

  • This reminds me a bit of


    I’m imagining raocow if he was Asian and doing informercials.

  • lollerskates

    Nothing Damage!

  • MrsFun101

    You’ve GOT to check the website. Almost better, although little could top the VO’s “Dear Friends, Ceramic Knife will make your life better. Enjoy your life.”

  • shelly

    the voiceover is hilarious but I want those knives! anyone know how fast they dull?

  • dryeson

    Very quickly, shelly.

    All those ceramic/titanium alloy/whatever miracle kitchen kitchen utensils trade sharpness for lifespan. One big scam, really.

  • sarkymcgee

    Does he remind anyone else of the Swedish Chef?

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