Was there a Death Star in K-PAX?

posted on 5 Nov 2010 in Bootlegs & Rip-offs, Chinese Bootlegs

This bootleg DVD of K-PAX was found in China:

Here is a close up of the back side – an unfortunate transcription of the English synopsis:

Photo courtesy of Adam Preece. Bootleg DVD found in China.

  • Ageless

    I like my films to have “encogfded avgdio”, I can’t do without it! :)

  • Big Fat Cat

    At least they didn’t put the title as 6 packs

  • Tokkar

    Ooooo…IT HAS DOLBY DOGOTAL! That’s the best encogfded avgdio you can get!

  • DrLex

    Prot is Darth Vader in disguise! I knew it!

  • S Minnow

    Aw man, it’s in Dolby Dogotal, I can’t hear a thing but Lassie loves it!

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