Feeling of reliance, brew, and gratitude!

posted on 28 Sep 2010 in Engrish Links

Akiyama metals has the best management poricy positively!

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  • DrLex

    The feeling of brew? Is that the same as feeling drunk?

  • Carlos

    What I mean is: I want a responsible personal assistant who reliably feels like brewing a quality cup of coffee, and is grateful for the opportunity to do it. …and is also willing to have “confidential relations.”

  • Bob*

    And they wonder why they don’t have any hits?

  • jjhitt

    That is true efficiency. Most American companies need three times as many words to say nothing.

  • Big Fat Cat

    Dear President Akiyama,
    Your company poricy has many fraws.

  • Ageless

    As long as it’s about beer!

  • chemical

    deer sir
    i am mostly Qualify, your position is nice. My responsiblity is reliance, as long you salery my neseccary and vocation time.
    thanks you andvance, truly.

  • Khymera

    Mr. Akiyama looks like he’s been hitting the brew to much in his picture.

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