Urination and defecating Public Area

posted on 8 Sep 2010 in Almost Engrish, Fun Pics

I am a bit confused with the usage of the word ‘peeps’ here… I am guessing that it is a unique combination of “pee” and “poops”:

Photo courtesy of Evan Gillham. Found in Hong Kong.

  • Carlos

    I’ll never look at marshmallow peeps the same way again.

  • Dawn

    That is a peep-show I will be happy to pass up, thanks.

  • mickeygreeneyes

    Hey, you better not peep at me while I’m urinating and defecating in this public area or it’ll be your ass, pal!

  • xila31

    I guess someone is taking the “Easy Living Property” title a little to literally.

  • Dervrak

    Yo Dawg! I was just urinating and defecating with my peeps!

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