Try making these bad boys!

posted on 16 Aug 2010 in Fun Links

Submitter Steve Arnold writes in:

Whilst traveling around Canada last, me and the girlfriend thought we’d pop into Toronto’s China Town for come cheap food! Little did we know that the instructions on the noodles would be so damn concise and easy to follow!!

  • DrLex

    It puts in the noodles or it gets the ebullition again.

  • KinkyTom

    ♪ You say you want a ebullition … ♫

  • coffeebot

    My mind to your mind… my thoughts to your thoughts… my flavor to your flavor. Live long and season.

  • mickeygreeneyes

    DrLex, you beat me to it. Sigh!

  • pikapal

    I had a pack of noodles with similar instructions. Except mine said “Boil some water”.

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