They’ve cornered the donkey-hide market…

posted on 4 Aug 2010 in Fun Pics, Fun Products

Photo courtesy of Bob Walker.
Package of candied dates purchased in China.

  • Big Fat Cat

    Some lucky people will get the ass part of the hide

  • xila31

    There’s always room for donkey-hide gelatin.

  • Michael Cote

    This is actually a medicinal lozenge. E Jiao (donkey hide gelatin) is used in to help with blood issues.

  • engrishwebmaster

    I looked it up before posting and realized it was a Chinese medicine, but still – what kind of flavor is Donkey-hide Gelatin?!

  • ka1ssr

    I found the donkey! It was hiding behind the gelatin.

  • Kacy

    Donkey-hide Gelatin makes your dates taste like ass!

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