Super Mario Music Battle

posted on 3 Aug 2010 in Fun Video

Japanese People from all over seem to have a great affinity for one of the greatest soundtrack creations ever – Super Mario Brothers. Check out these unique takes on the soundtrack from Mario – which one do you think has the most talent?

The beatbox:

Or the violin:

Double electric guitar?

Or do we have to give it to the bastardized version from the American flute player?

Oh, and some drummer dude thought he would get in on the act:

All of these videos have millions of viewers. Which one is your favorite?

  • Rigoletto

    Nerd alert: I’ve met the flute guy. He’s really nice.

  • BeadyEl

    They’re all great – but the violinist impressed me most; not only playing the music, but doing the sound fx and everything – in real time, WITH a game?

    (Of course, it may be a *recording* of a game, but still…)

  • Samuel

    you forgot to included “Nintendo Acapella:”
    but Greg Patillo is clearly the winner, based on art form and cleanliness of sound. Sorry the violinist just didn’t seem to do anything creative with it

  • lilD

    I like the violinist but I am totally in love with Greg the flute guy.

  • Glenn

    I liked the beatbox guy and the drummer guy as well. Maybe they could do a duet..

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