How about 12th floor, 20 meters?

posted on 14 Jul 2010 in Themed Week

In honor the breakfast week!

Click on the image to see larger version – you’ll be able to read the small text at the bottom!

Photo courtesy of “The League”. Found at Shibuya Excel Hotel.

  • Ageless

    Isn’t the 25th floor above 100 meters ground the same as the 1ste floor with a lot of dirt in front of the doors? :)

  • Urnebess

    I clicked on the photo but the text on the bottom is still too small to read. Perhaps we could have it posted as a comment below the photo.

  • James

    It says
    “Breakfast buffet is concerned about balance of foodstuff,
    please join in stylish breakfast.”
    “Pursued the previous day’s polished rice.
    Flesh and healthy dishes.
    Please having tender Japanese breakfast to your body.”

    I think the mostly illegible text in parentheses at the bottom (after the name and cost) says “(included service charge and tax)”

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