The Chinese like to cater to all markets…

posted on 6 Jul 2010 in Almost Engrish

You’d be surprised how many ugly girls there are out there…

Photo courtesy of Michael Bauer. Found in Shenzhen, China.

  • Potorrero

    And don’t miss out the new aftershave “Pathetic Losers” 😀

  • KC

    You’ll find it on the shelf next to “Fat Girls Thigh Cream”.

  • Liquidlungs

    Deep inside every beautiful girl is an ugly girl struggling to escape.

  • cl

    specially for Betty Suarez :)

  • Bunny

    Amazingly, it’s not a mistranslation. ._.

  • gonovox

    only those who are honest of themselves and accepted what they look like will buy this product.

  • mickeygreeneyes

    Finally: Truth in advertising.

  • mickeygreeneyes

    Should sell like hotcakes in Shenszhen. It’s chock full o’ dogs.

  • Urnebess

    A woman told me she has used this hand cream and it’s first-rate. The idea is that, when you apply it to an ugly girl, a beautiful girl emerges.

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