Bootleg Gibson Sticker

posted on 5 Jul 2010 in Bootlegs & Rip-offs, Chinese Bootlegs

Gibson Original Equipment? You be the judge:

Actually submitter Jon Allen writes in:

Hi, love the site, came across this sticker on a bootleg Chinese Gibson Les Paul copy that came through the store where I work. It should read “Bench tested – builder approved”

  • The Lolrus

    Bukkit approved?! WHERE IS MAH BUKKIT?!

  • DrLex

    It’s good to know that Mr. Buikkt approvud this equipment.

  • Xenobiologista

    Hehe, reminds me of the total crap bike I saw at the train station that had a decal saying “Specialized Hotrock”…instead of “Hardrock”…and the first word looked like the Specialized logo all right, but the second word was in Curlz MT.

  • mickeygreeneyes

    If you drive a Buikkt, you’ll approvud of this.

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