Shanghai World Expo – Engrish Update

posted on 26 May 2010 in Engrish in the news

Just when everyone including the New York Times thought that China was cleaning up all the Chinglish/Engrish in Shanghai in time for the Shanghai World Expo, I just got this Engrish that was taken at the expo itself. Turns out that the World Expo is actually generating new Engrish, just as I suspected!

The Chinese above literally says “stool area”, although I personally prefer the translation “place for poop”.

Photo courtesy of Mark Butler.

  • KinkyTom

    Is that guy to the right riding a sled? O_o

  • understand

    No dummy, it’s a magic carpet!

  • DieselDragon

    It worries me that he *appears* to be riding whatever it is right into the poor bloke who’s sat on the pot!

    I’ve heard of being disturbed whilst “clearing the air” before…But this takes it to a whole new angle! 😮

  • pamela38

    It’s a turkish toilet– A hole over which one squats!

  • Lollerskate

    AKA Japanese toilet.

  • coffeebot

    Shanghai: a place for poop

  • Arcade

    I’ve seen the squatting stools in Korea, as well!

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