Engrish Products from around the world (email forward)

posted on 11 May 2010 in Almost Engrish, Engrish Pics from Web

Here is another email forward that has gone around the net for some time now – weird ‘Engrish’ food from around the world. I cannot vouch for the authenticity of any of these items (or their humor value) – just thought it would be good to archive here:

  • http://stereoroid.wordpress.com/ brian t

    The Spotted Dick (currant pudding) and Pork Faggots (meatballs) are definitely real. The names have origins much older than their current connotations. I’m also fairly sure I’ve seen various “Cock Brand” cans on shelves in “ethnic” groceries.

  • http://www.lastlightbender.blogspot.com/ Tyler

    The cock soup is real. I have a package of it, which I bought at a street market in London a few years ago.

  • Wolverine Girl

    Golden Gaytimes are from Australia. I remember when I was a kid in the 70s there was an ad for them with the line “it’s hard to have a gay time on your own.”

  • Kawaiipikachu

    Spotted dick is real as it’s been reference in King Ralph which it one point the guy waded embarrased to mention.
    As Wolverine mentioned the Golden Gaytime is real & also been released since with a 70’s era styled ad with the same line.

    Still at least there are gems there.

  • http://twitter.com/thecarie thecarie

    i have owned both the can of spotted dick and the cock soup. i actually had the cock soup up in my cubicle at work for a while, until too many of my students got disturbed by it.

  • Yaten

    “Fart orzechowy” is real, only Fart means “luck” in Polish, and “orzechowy” means with nuts.

  • Bear or bust

    Shitto is definitely real as its a west african product. I’ve seen it called Shetto as well, some of the guys have it at work.

  • http://www.facebook.com/coffeebotcafe coffeebot

    It’s gay to have a hard time…

  • Jim Steichen

    Wanker light? I’ll wanker any way she wants!

  • FB

    Yup, I can vouch for the spotted dick as well – I’ve had and consumed that Heinz canned variety, in fact. Tasted meh.

  • Claire-Bear

    “fart” in Polish means “luck” (I am Polish, so I know that); funny coincidence though

  • Lollerskate

    “Thanks for standing still, wanker!”

  • tash

    golden gaytimes are awesome! best ice cream ever, for the taste and the name!

  • Oliver Slaughter

    Both Spotted Dick and Pork Faggots are two foods avaliable for purchase in England

    The products of native speakers and therefore not engrish!

  • shidow

    Golden gaytimes were released in New Zealand as cookie crumbles, as far as I know they’re only called golden gaytime in Australia.

  • The Rose that caption

    Wanker Light, oh my god. XD I have to e-mail this to my friend who is a fan of Arthur Bond…..X.D

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