CUSS Self Check In (another unfortunate acronym)

posted on 19 Apr 2010 in Almost Engrish

If you have been to an airport, you have probably experienced at least one moment when you feel like cussing. Are the new ticket machines encouraging it now?

Actually, CUSS here stands for “Common Use Self Service” wherein multiple airlines use the same airport kiosks (ticket machines) in order to save money.  Not sure why they don’t capitalize the acronym  – it makes native speakers do a double take…

Found at Yunnan Airport in China.  Photo courtesy of Philip Luu.

  • CUSSer

    Oh great! Now they have a special place to express our disappointment with delayed flights! 😀

  • H

    Not to mention “cuss self Check-in” is sort of double-speak when considering the acronym. “Common Use Self Service self Check-in”; to be even more accurate, they should have written “CUSS Check-in”.

  • Brian

    Lots of cussing at check in throughout Europe these days (stupid volcano!!)

  • DieselDragon

    Ryanair ought to get these…They’re always harping on about saving money…And the amount of curses filling the air at Stansted on a daily basis* means that these would be just perfect there! 😀

    * – From passengers being charged £15.00 for being 250g overweight on baggage, £40.00 to check-in at the airport (It costs a fiver to do it online!), £30.00 to put a second suitcase in the hold etc… 😮 😐

  • Long Duck Dong

    I recently saw similar sign at Qingdao airport.

  • Lynda Finn

    I swear by this automatic checkin system

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