Sign for a Perfection Cleaner

posted on 6 Apr 2010 in Fun Pics

This was found at a public library in Bethesda, Maryland. The irony in the last line speaks for itself:

Photo courtesy of Alex Weissman.

  • Char (PSI Tutor:Mentor)

    hahahahaha~ “they not the illegal people”

  • Rylan Flautzinator

    don’t woory, we has are green cards.

  • Urnebess

    Shouldn’t this be posted in Engrish From Other Countries?

  • DanT

    Tehm not the illegal people – them the illiterate people!

  • DanT

    Inclooding mi i ges…

  • Xenobiologista

    =P It’s entirely possible that the person who posted this sign is a US resident or citizen or on a work visa but still doesn’t speak/write English well. The myth that “my ancestors learned English straightaway, why can’t these Latinos/Hmong/Chinese/Africans?” was debunked with the publication of a study on Midwestern towns that almost exclusively used German or other continental European languages well into the 20th century.

  • Jessica Baker

    I’ve met many children of immigrants, who are US citizens. Oftentimes migrant workers don’t stay in the same place, so school can be sketchy for the kids. This could easily be someone who grew up in a migrant family.

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