Superhero Black Market Mix!

posted on 18 Mar 2010 in Bootlegs & Rip-offs, Chinese Bootlegs

It’s an awesome black market mix – all the super heroes is come!  Hey, leave it to the Chinese manufacturers to bring us some efficiency that we can only dream about here in the U.S. – I see DC, Marvel, Disney and possibly Bandai (?) all in one mix together here:

They don’t look so super close up:

This is not the first post of superhero bootlegged packaging – check out this Brog post from a couple years back.

Photos courtesy of Lesley Langford and Michael Humlicek.

  • Blaze

    “The Hulk Man” was always my favorite. I’m glad he’s included.

  • Phil

    Is it me, or does the Thing look like Homer Simpson?

  • http://na M

    The Hulk Man is come too!!

  • jjhitt

    The Hulk-Man looks more like The Excrement Man.

  • KinkyTom

    Batman’s not wearing a utility belt he’s wearing a girdle 😛

  • steeeeeeeeve

    Is that the White Ranger on the right?

  • Lollerskate

    He will catch all baddy!!

  • Xila31

    That Super Man looks like he belongs on the Power of Fruits picture.

  • Bear or bust

    Good god Superman looks like a Thunderbird.

  • Mista Bob Dobalina

    Hulk? The fourth one from the left? I think it’s “The Thing” of the Fantastic 4

  • Tony

    The Thing looks more like Chet at the end of “Weird Science”.

  • iM CRAZY!!

    superman looks like MJ…..oh and WTF is this?

  • Sad Panda

    Count the conficting franchises.

  • Alph the Fox

    Tons of nearly unrelated heroes team up and… well… do stuff.

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