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posted on 15 Mar 2010 in Fun Products

These ‘duration elongating capsules’ were found at a sex shop in Chongqin, China. Not only can you choose the best penis, one grain will last you 200 hours – talk about potency!

Small text in lower right reads:

– The best across the globe of the same category
– Long duration, improves your sexual function fundamentally
– Pure natural prescription, no side effects
– Hypertension, heart disease patients are secured to use

Photo courtesy of Mark Hamilton.

  • Lugh

    I’m particularly impressed by the lack of excessive internal heat. Because that could be a problem.

    I’m kind of curious about this World Sex Association that appears to endorse and/or certify the product as well.

  • jjhitt

    He’s looking in the wrong direction.
    Or he’s very very short.

  • Blaze

    “Okay, so, she’s 47 feet tall and she wants to do it standing. C’mon, Best Penis capsules, do your thing!”

  • dragonlady

    *seek immediate medical attention if your elongation last for more than 204 hours

  • Lunar

    200 hours? Really? Headache medicine doesn’t even last 24 hours. That grain must be AMAZING!

  • Ageless

    He’s thinking, “How much longer? Damn. And why did I take 5??!” :)

  • Xila31

    Viagra is okay, but it causes all that internal heat. Plus, they make you go to the ER after only 4 hours. Sheesh…. >.>

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