Best Buy Engrish

posted on 9 Mar 2010 in Fun Pics

Maybe it’s just a typo, but you’d think that a large corporation like Best Buy would have caught something like this…

Photo courtesy of Blake V.

  • Ageless

    You truly need the Geek Squad to see that typo. Took me a while. :)

  • Big Fat Cat

    Best Buy doesn’t mean they have the Best Engrish

  • Chris S.

    Some would say that the thumb is upside-down…

  • Ripplin

    Meh, doesn’t surprise me. The local [small North American town] Honda dealership had three or four large signs proclaiming they were selling the Honda Ridegline (that should be Ridgeline!), all on different signs, some with letters almost a foot tall!

    They also spray painted ‘no parkig’ on the driveway at the service doors.

    When I moved here, some kids I know would say the schooling is no good, and I believe them a bit more each day…

    P.S. I also used to stay at the, according to the front door mat, Qulaity Inn in Michigan.

  • chieromancer

    I had to read it 10 times to see the typo, so I can’t really give them too hard a time.

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