Michaelsoft Binbows

This photo of a Japanese used PC and computer parts shop has been making the rounds on the internet recently. It is not just a cheap rip-off of Microsoft Windows – the word ‘binbo’ (貧乏)in Japanese means ‘poor’, so the bilingual pun works on a promotional level as well (to sell their ‘ultra-cheap’ computer parts as the characters on the far left signify).

The Winblows Windows logo is just an inverted version of their old logo, so this shop sign may not be around for too much longer if MS can help it.

Found in a recent post from The Consumerist. Location in Japan unknown.

  • Xila31

    The sign may come down, but the legend will live on forever.

  • KinkyTom

    Do they have any skanks?

  • Bob*

    I’ll stick with Mapple Compoopers, thanks.

    • http://roneducate.com RohanRon QM

      Yippity Bope Blues, Binbows 10 is bay getter

  • Ais


  • lola

    A lawsuit wouldn’t do us any good. The Chinese practically manufacture all our pcs, macs, and other stuff. So my point is they know how to make this stuff, they work in sweatshops, get paid a dollar an hour, and i’m pretty sure Steve Jobs and Bill Gates want them to keep quiet about this stuff for the media. The Chinese I guess want some pay off their work and pretty much can find a loophole. See, the Chinese always win when it comes to technology. My solution? Either pay them or don’t make your stuff in china dipshits!

    • Hellspawn

      let’s just assume for a second it WAS in China. Do you honestly believe their government would risk loosing a billion dollar industry like microsoft, just to protect “binbows”?

  • Allen George

    I need a heatskank.

  • Guerra Games

    My favorite is Windows of Microsoft kkkkk

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