Korean ESL Textbook – OMG!

posted on 10 Feb 2010 in Engrish Pics from Web

This photo of a Korean ESL textbook has been making the rounds on the net  recently:

Must have been fun for the designer to throw in stuff he knew they would never catch.

Just in case, here is a translation for all you noobs out there:

OMG= Oh my GOD
W2F= Way to Fail
STFU= Shut the F*ck Up
PWN3D= Pwned
URANOOB= You’re a noob
LMAOROTF= Laughing my ass off, Rolling on the floor
:p= smiley face sticking tongue out

Found via Reddit & Digg.

  • Blaze

    They totally should have drawn an ORLY owl in with the other animals.

  • BigBalls

    URANOOB= You’re* a noob

  • Jay

    It could’ve been worse:


  • coffeebot

    *line number 8* “GOATSE :P”

  • kristin Ruhle

    I have this design (slightly different; it’s O MG WTF etc) on a T-shirt i found at a science fiction convention in the midwest.

  • YJ

    Kindergarten book of Starcraft Champions.

  • Ishy

    Reminds me of a textbook I had this year. =P Someone forgot to fix it and one of the pages it said “A totally wicked awesome caption goes here.” and right below, it said “And another here”.

  • Brown

    That’s not a ax! It’s a hammer!

  • racist park

    OMG, you’ve got a way to fail AND just shut the f*** up or you’ll be pwn3d. If you’re a noob, I’ll just laugh my ass off, rolling on the floor.

    ps :p

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