Geddan (“Get Down”) Phenomenon

posted on 2 Feb 2010 in Fun Video

Geddan (ゲッダン), Engrish for “Get Down” is a meme phenomenon from Japan that has already come and gone, but started to catch on a bit in the US last year.  Geddan is a weird funny dance that originated from an intentionally made glitch in the Nintendo 64 video game “Goldeneye” and eventually made its way to real life video. This video from “Know Your Meme” at explains it all well:

Well, even if you didn’t get through the above video, you can still appreciate the more famous Geddan videos below. Here is the “horse head Geddan” video:

Ronald McDonald Geddan:

The “Bush Geddan” video shows the Geddan phenomenon’s age, but I thought it was good for a short laugh:

Americans get in on the act:

Spiderman gets down! (one of the more recent entries of Geddan):

  • MSGangsta

    SHAMELESS PLUG: I’ve done a version of this too (an a cappella arrangement and four windows)-and you can see it, too, if you click on the link with my username.

  • Mashimaro

    That reminds me of the time I bumped the system while playing Super Mario 64.Mario’s arms and legs disappeared and he somehow slid along the ground!So I took him to the top of boo’s mansion and got him impaled on the staircase below!It was beautiful.

  • ngyonghan

    Funny game glitches like that often become famous through Youtube.

    Another one is the Team Fortress 2’s Spy’s “Crab-walk” stance which there are many videos about that in Youtube. That stance is a small geometrical (or model) glitch that could be done through just by looking up, crouch and holding the Spytron PDA at the same time (and walk too). One might not notice that in first person, but the other players will!

  • TobyTheChattyBear

    Have you seen a bear do it before?

  • xalogel
  • qwertyuiop

    ‘Americans get in on the act’


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