Scrambled Roman Letters Shirt

posted on 15 Dec 2009 in Almost Engrish, Fun Pics

It seems that t-shirt manufacturers in China have gone so far with Engrish that the next step is complete randomness:

Shirt found in Shanghai, China.

Photo courtesy of Kimberly Blodgett.

  • Big Fat Cat

    The chinese are leaders in text messaging!

  • Quantity Surveyor Man

    They’re still holding back. Thats gibberish from the left side of the keyboard. We still have right-side gibberish, and mixed side gibberish to look forward too!

  • rowger

    So, he’s a QWERTY guy?

  • Ageless

    Maybe it’s a code. :)

  • Peanut

    This is really the perfected form – a whole new level of pan-Eulopeanness

  • Jay

    There was gibberish on that “Snoofy” shirt too:

  • Duck

    Is it possible that this is an attempt at “de-engrishification’ in China described in the brog earlier? If the text is complete gibberish, then there is no possibility of engrish content :)

  • Mista Bob Dobalina

    Like the Western T-Shirt producers writing random Chinese characters on T-shirts they make.

  • Lollerskate

    ^ The only difference is that the probability to give an actual meaning to random chinese characters is practically infinite; not so in latin script.

  • Xila31

    This isn’t gibberish, it’s the names of gold sellers in the lastest MMO.

  • Lollerskate

    ^ Hell yeah! One is a guru and everything!

  • Samuel

    I don’t think this is very fair, after all if you type roman random gibberish on a roman alphabet keyboard you may occasionally get a real word (“sad” “guru”) but if you typed random chinese gibberish you will always get words that mean something…

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