Steve Martin Promoting Sterility in China

posted on 10 Dec 2009 in Fun Pics

I received this submission back in February – looks like a “Sterility Hospital” in Beijing is using Steve Martin as a spokesperson for vasectomies. Who knew that his “Cheaper by the Dozen” movies would be an inspiration for so many a Chinese to make themselves sterile…

Photo courtesy of Mark Shaffar.
Sign seen in China.

  • Big Fat Cat

    Steve Martin is the spokesman for this hospital and he is being sterilized

  • Big Fat Cat

    Oops! I mean did Steve know about that? Piracy at its best!

  • flamingomoon

    Now I understand what they mean by a “prolific career”.

  • Xenobiologista

    I think the name means it’s a hospital to TREAT sterility, i.e. a fertility clinic. But anyway, it’s pretty funny that they stole the Cheaper by the Dozen poster.

  • Tim

    Look! These white devils are taking over the world!!

  • B3llit0


    My first impression was that it was a clinic to sterilise women, so they can have sex with their partners without risking having a child, thus potentially violating the one-child-per-family law or otherwise being inconvenienced.

  • stonefieldt

    You should check the English site for this place:

  • http://larrykean Major Disaster

    Steve Martin has promoted sexual abstinance with all of his movies.

  • Blaze

    I love how it says Steve Martin at the bottom. As though someone might not have a clue who Steve Martin is by face, but would still know the name.

  • ric

    They should have gone for Tiger.

  • Xenobiologista

    Yup, fertility clinic all right. The reason I guessed that is a) why would they pick a picture of Steve Martin smiling if he DIDN’T want kids? and b) it would be very peculiar to find a hospital specialising in sterilising people. Vasectomies are very simple to do and while tubal ligations are a bit more complicated, both surgeries are pretty standard and can be done in any hospital that would have a maternity ward.

  • Xila31

    But with that one child law, this is a strange picture to use. Shouldn’t they use a smiling Chinese couple with their cute new baby?

  • Jakelee

    I want to know what messed up sex Steve Martin had with a dog!!

  • Xenobiologista

    You can have more than one kid if a) you and your spouse are both well-educated professionals and yourselves only children (because they want to breed more smart people)

    Or b) you’re a poor peasant in some ulu village that nobody cares about regulating. I met this beggar kid in Shanghai who said her two older sisters were going to school back home in their village but she wasn’t ’cause their family couldn’t cover school fees for her too.

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