Real life Engrish “Clash”

posted on 20 Nov 2009 in Engrish Links, Engrish Origins, Fun Video

You may recall the Clash Engrish post from way back when (we also made stickers out of this design).  Well, run by a Spanish blogger in Japan, made a fun video from the clash signs they found at Hamamatsucho station in Tokyo. Nice to see real life Engrish on video!

Here is a pic that they took of the location:

Found by way of this post on He also blogs in English here.

  • Omgwana Kikbuti

    I think this should have a soundtrack of “Hispanic Men in Hammereachother Palais.”

  • Lollerskate

    Dying right here is strictly prohibited however…

  • Kawaiipikachu

    Addinal noticed needed.
    No holding pointy things which while intercoarsing around this corner

  • Big Fat Cat

    The Japanese should take an Engrish Crash course to avoid “Clashing”

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