I didn’t bring my flat bed truck though…

posted on 16 Nov 2009 in Fun Pics

Not quite front page material, but I still wanted to share this sign found at a Taco Bell drive-through in Portland Oregon:

Photo courtesy of Trevor Kelly.

  • Big Fat Cat

    Thanks for the offer but I can’t lift the plate cuz its too heavy.

  • Ageless

    I’ll try to when the prizes for old iron are coming back up. Don’t you have a copper plate to steal instead? :)

  • rowger

    Maybe there was a plastic plate that already got stolen, look at the capsized soda.

  • Dan

    Maybe us americans are stupid as well afterall!

  • http://www.xenobiologista.com/blog/ Xenobiologista

    I don’t know if “scrap” metal theft is a big problem in Oregon, but that’s really just asking for it.

    Hmm, time to start an Americanglish blog? I remember Fail Blog had a pretty good photo of a guy holding an anti-Spanish sign that said “THIS IS ARE COUNTRY, SPEAK ENGLISH”.

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