Barcodes – Japan Style

posted on 12 Nov 2009 in Fun Pics

Japan if anything is known for their unique take on product packaging. A design company in Japan created these specially produced barcodes for their clients. Quite creative don’t you think?

Source: D-Barcode, by way of Dark Roasted Blend.

  • Pete


  • Mista Bob Dobalina

    I wonder if the sensors can read this stuff

  • Jayenkai

    Yeah, the sensors only need a teensy tiny strip of data to work, since Barcodes are implicitly 1 dimensional. It reads left to right, and completely ignores the up and down.
    It’s the human aspect of having to manually find the barcodes on products that resulted in their generic shape and size.

    eg, In the cityscape one, the little segment under the train would work just as well as anything else.

  • Mista Bob Dobalina

    OK Thanks

  • Spacecoyote

    I’ve tried these with a barcode scanner and only half of them scan reliably…then again there are better scanners than mine.

  • coffeebot

    s’cool, bar none

  • Xila31

    I like that scorpion saying ‘Ahhh!” that’s pretty funny.

  • BeadyEl

    The pizza is my favorite…

  • Figure.10

    I’d wear those overalls.

  • VZG

    They’re all creative and neat, but what the hell is someone supposed to unzip that reveals a scorpion? I don’t know that I’d want that barcode…

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