Insert my what?

posted on 11 Nov 2009 in Engrish Pics from Web, Fun Pics

This image was being Dugg up today:

  • Big Fat Cat

    Windows sucks!

  • ToriGee

    *clicks More Information*

  • Bill Gates

    My world domonation software is perfect & this is just a Photoshop.

  • Mista Bob Dobalina

    From my misspent teenage years in the arcade parlors of Istanbul, I can say: “Coin”

    PS: 1990’s Banzai!

  • coffeebot

    I like mac. I’m going to now.

  • Xila31

    Sounds like a Securom problem, actually.

  • Figure.10

    But my computer is only one year old. That would be wrong.

  • Mike

    I kinda did and now it’s stuck, and I’m embarrassed

  • Caleb Howland

    I’m gonna Linux now, thxmuch.

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