It’s all GOOD!!

posted on 10 Nov 2009 in Fun Pics

It’s fun to shop in Japan. ¬†From a deodorant package:

Photo courtesy of Mark Ortiz.

UPDATE – A diligent reader pointed out the corresponding TV commercial:

  • Ageless

    Silver is very good for you!

  • Pete

    Packaging says something about silver killing smelly bacteria.
    Assuming the product has colloidal silver in it via some medium or another.

  • Jesse
  • coffeebot

    I like to smell things too.

  • Xila31

    Grandma says: You stink!

  • Mark Ortiz

    @Jesse – Thanks for posting the commercial!

  • Figure.10

    Well let’s see:

    old people- check

    sniffing- check

    underarms- check

    I’m sold.

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