Pikachu is a Woman – Confirmed

posted on 9 Nov 2009 in Fun Pics

This photo made the rounds on the net a couple of years back – check out the kids ‘entering’ Pikachu’s nether region!  Is this confirmation that Pikachu is indeed female?

Here is a pic from another angle (not as famous as the one above):

  • Big Fat Cat

    I always thought Pikachu was a boy. Thanks for telling me that.

  • Mista Bob Dobalina

    If there’s a male Pikachu, there has to be a female too…in fact they have to reproduce right?

  • Xila

    And so another generation of Pokemon creatures was born.

  • Xila

    … or…. I’d hate to be there when her water breaks! O.O

  • Jay
  • Bob*

    @Jay – What the..?! D8

  • Bob*
  • http://myspace.com/coffeebot coffeebot

    The front entrance is better than the alternative.

  • http://yenichii.blogspot.com/ yenichii

    holy crap.

  • http://www.OCDaisy.spaces.live.com Figure.10

    she seems to enjoy it

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  • The Rose that caption

    Pffft, what would Team Rocket want with her then? The rockets are either women or gay

    • Alexander Siekierski

      I think that they’re both in some episodes.

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