This is just wong…

posted on 19 Oct 2009 in Engrish Pics from Web

I received the following viral email just today:


If you can’t find the book you want

You’re probably shopping at the…

Email forwarded to me by Max Braudé.

  • Potorrero

    I’m sorry, but I don’t get it..

  • Potorrero

    Oohh.. I get it now.. Sorry ’bout that.

  • Big Fat Cat

    The Wrong Fxcking Book Store I presume.

  • Piki

    At least they’re honest.

  • Bob*

    I don’t get it <.<

  • DaDeceptiveOne

    I think it’s “One f*cking book store”

  • amy kim


  • Figure.10

    The RIGHT Fook Hing Book store is on the other side of town. Just try it.

  • one brain cell

    Too bad I know Chinese, so this doesn’t sound wrong to me.

  • coffeebot

    One Wong does not make a Right

  • Xenobiologista

    Amazing, a Chinese f**k joke sign that’s not a lame Internet fake (as far as I can tell, the Roman writing does match up with the Chinese).

  • David

    Actually, one Wong doesn’t make a White!

  • nancy

    I don’t get it. Does this book store really exist.??? please advise


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