Try Boy’s Panty

posted on 14 Oct 2009 in Almost Engrish

Not quite Engrish, but kind of disturbing…

Photo courtesy of Chris Cota.
Found at Korean shop in the US (?).

  • Big Fat Cat

    I want to try but I think I am too big for that

  • jjhitt

    Is that a flammable liquid label on the side of the box? No wonder Wang had to burn.

  • Pete

    I feel a great disturbance in the force…

  • Courtney

    Probably at H-Mart.

  • extremepenguin

    … serve 15 to 20.

  • jjhitt

    Size 80? Please God, let it be centimeters and not inches.

  • BeadyEl

    Unrelated, but sort of Engrish-y. Near where I live (Ohio, USA) is a strip mall, whose stores include a beauty parlor and a coffee shop. Today the sign in front said:

    FACIAL $12.00

  • Figure.10

    Well I’m sold.

  • coffeebot

    Women’s briefs next aisle over…

  • Koyangi

    As strange as it is, they use “panty” as a unisex term in Korea.

    (You guys really should have a Konglish category by now, Korea has proven itself full of misused and misspelled English already. I have found TONS of it on Korean clothing sites. XD)

  • 124scratch

    Diapers are not panties.

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