English Textbook from Korea – Shaq is Big and Happy!

posted on 13 Oct 2009 in Engrish Origins

I just received this photo of a hilarious entry in an English textbook from South Korea about Shaquille O’Neal. I wonder if Shaq ever approved this?

Shaquille O’Neal was born in 1972. His father was a soldier. So Shaquille moved house a lot. He was always a new kid in a new place. Shaquille’s new friends said to him, “Your name is very funny. And you’re too big!” Shaquille was not happy. He thought, “I don’t like my funny name. And why am I so big? I don’t like it.” He talked to his parents. They said to him, “Be happy. Big people can do many things.”
Now Shaquille is a basketball player. His name is very famous. And he’s happy now.

Photo courtesy of Lynn Markham.

  • Big Fat Cat

    You haven’t read the chinese textbook on Shaq. It’s about him being made into Shaq Fin Soup.

  • Potorrero

    “His father was a soldier. So Shaquille moved house a lot”

    I don’t think that being your father a soldier is enough reason to be moving houses around.

  • Bob*


  • Pete

    Shaq was SO big even as a little kid, that his parents had him move houses around for them!

  • Pete

    Which is why they tried to name him “Shack”.

  • http://myspace.com/coffeebot coffeebot

    Shaq is Happy Boy!

  • PomPomtastic

    Makes me wonder what my spanish book used to say…..

  • Blaze

    Yay for Shaq!

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