Only in Pakistan – Part 4

posted on 2 Oct 2009 in Fun Pics

Final entry in the series “Only in Pakistan” obtained through a viral email:

  • Kati

    Nokia shoes are not that far fetched, actually… :-)

  • BeadyEl

    Wonder if that shoe Connocts Poopie….

  • Algernon

    Carefully disguised as a wheelbarrow, Ismael rides off into the sunset.

  • Big Fat Cat

    Mercedes Benz Pakistan Limited Edition!

  • Dan

    You know what you only see in the US? Is FAT & LAZY people. :)

  • stonefieldt

    Correction, Dan. Maybe obesity is a problem here, but the US ranks pretty close Korea and Japan in terms of work ethic.

  • coffeebot

    I swear we’ll bomb them back to the Stone Age if they…
    oh nevermind.

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