My Tissue Box Cover

posted on 25 Sep 2009 in Fun Products, Wacky Inventions

This was recently found in a Tokyo toy store – pretty sick if you ask me…

Photo courtesy of Karen Clifford.

  • Dan

    either a tissue box or a………(you fill in the rest here)

  • Tatsu

    I was going to caption it, but, I just can’t. Even I have my limits….

  • jjhitt

    It probably looks even worse with tissues sticking out of the orifice.

  • Misty

    ….I’m gonna have nightmares tonight. o_o;

  • Figure.10

    consume Kleenex until you die

  • Kitty

    Cute? It’s terrifying!!

  • Lollerskate

    This proves that absolutely ANYTHING can be considered “cute” in Japan. Soul succesfully drained x(

  • stonefieldt

    The first thing I thought after seeing the picture and before reading the title was some kind of sick blow-up doll.

    The baby may have its mouth wide open, but this leaves me speechless.

  • coffeebot

    This is what happens when prostitutes have unprotected sex…

  • John the Devil

    Hmm I think the ones who are soul drained are most occidental ppl heh, tough hilarious and mostly shocking at first, it caused me that “aww” tenderness aftersmile that many engrish stuff ends up causing me. See? you can add your own pic. Absolutely wins by awwness I say ^^

  • Jakelee

    used for the ultimate blow up doll decor.. I don’t want to know what the tissues have on this that come out of that mouth..

  • Person-chan

    ………I see some perverts heading to that area of the store…..

  • Sloanstar

    anyone who buys that should be arrested immediately

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